My 3 Favorite Logos.


Now for this list of my three favorite logos it was pretty hard to decide on because most of the companies that I like have had many different logos over the years, so I tried to show all os the different variations of each logo, because some of the company (Mostly Funimation) still uses one of there older logos for material.

CRUNCHYROLL-Anime Streaming Service.

Link: Crunchyroll

There original Logo:


There new and more refined logo(s):



Now this logo was unknown back when the company started bake around 2006, but know it is an almost internationally known logo, and for what is is exactly I have now Idea…Is it an eye is it an orange, there original logo at the top looks like an cartoonist had drawn an egg frying sunny side up on the pavement.

I happen to like the more refined logo of crunchyroll, they use an Orange Logo, with a white backdrop and Black text for thew company name. I think that they use this color pattern because its a light and cheerful coloring that, in My opinion, just looks really cool.



Funimation-Anime dubbing & Streaming Company

Logo # 1-Origanal


Logo # 2-Most commonly known Today


Logo # 3 Recently started being used because of there “NEW” streaming service.


For there new logo the colors used are White and a odd Blueish purple, for there most commonly known logo the colors used are plan Black and White, and for there Original logo, there colors are Red Blue and White.

Im my opinion I like the newest logo, I like the purple and white colors and i think that mix well together even thou that purple kind of messes with my eyes, the logo its self just yells fun.



VALVe/Steam-Game development company/Game & Software online store.

VALVe’S Logo(s):

Logo # 1 Origanal Logo (Around 2001)

This iconic logo was used during the life span of the Half-Life 1, Portal 1, and Team Fortress 1 computer game and console Game series.


Logo # 2 (Around 2006-Now)

This is the more commonly seen logo of the two VALVe Guy logo’s



Logo # 3

And last of VALVe’s logos is there plan text logo.


This is there logo that has been used sense the company creation back in 2001 and is still used to this day.


Steam Logo(s)

Basic steam logo:


Steam-VALVe Logo:


Steam Desktop Application logo:


For Steam, a Devision of VALVe, the logo has stayed the same over the years, and has only changed a little bit at a time.

Out of this group I like I like the desktop app. logo for Steam, and the 2nd VALVe Guy logo for VALVe, now this logo was used for most of there newer games, and is a little odd to look at our is a unique design that not just anyone can pull off.



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