DAY: 41; Monday


Today I Took the Brainbench Adobe Illustrator CS Test and scored a 3.02 on said test, after that I added a certifications page to the menu that is located under the ME option along with the about me page.

Next I updated the “My Project” page.

Next at the beginning i=of the chapter 17 lesson is just kind of a refresher of the Illustrator path finder tools.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 10.37.49 AM.png




Add-on Content:


Over this last weekend I had played Akiba’s Trip (2) with is the first time we here in the states have ever received any of the titles from this this this series…

Some Recent History on the subject

[Though the Japanese on the other hand received the original game for the PlayStation Portable witch was still one of the major Japanese handhelds up until the around a year or two ago when the PlayStation Vita took over as the fav. on the market in Akiba (Akihabara) otherwise known as The Electric City, witch is the heart of the Otaku and Anime Community and culture.]

I happened to beat the game in only 2 days witch is pretty impressive if i do say do myself, though I do have along ways to go ignorer to beat the full game with every rout, but I’m up to the challenge.


One thought on “DAY: 41; Monday

  1. tfrascht

    Congratulations on your certification! Good job adding a certifications page without being told! Please change the spelling of “courses” on your menu.


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