DAY:89; Tuesday


On Tuesday we took a trip over and up to Greensburg Kansas to tour the Kiowa County Media Canter. The ride there was quiet, dew to the fact that we all were still half a sleep. When we got to Greensburg, we were all at awe, of the towns more “Futuristic” look and feel, the media center was (in a short description) a truly unique design, that focused on mixing a more modern design with a more quant contemporary and relaxing feel.

Room Description:     -Once we entered the building, we then went up stairs, and into a opened space compute lab a type area with  light-Medium dark tan painted walls, tall warehouse style ceilings that were painted Matte Black, that were most likely that color to contrast agents the lighter tan almost khaki colored carpet.-

Once we entered said area, we were met by Grant, a vary likable guy, who explained to us how the Media Center came to be, what it was that the center offered to the public as far as software,and other tools of the trade.

I  loved the whole experience, from the ride up there-to the ride back.

A extremely fun part, was the watching the making of a promo for the KC Medical Fair thingy…

I  myself would love to learn more along the line of video editing, and have dabbled in it ever so slightly ever sense I first got on YouTube as a Content Creator.



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