day 112


Today I made 3 posts  for all of the days I was out sick.

Today I used Adobe Premier Pro to Edit a Video in under a n hour that would usually take about 3-4 hours on Windows Live Movie Maker, which is the software that I usually use.


During the video editing I added a few color changes


Im not finished with the editing, and I will be finishing up the editing on my laptop in Windows Live Movie Maker…

I Did also go over to photoshop and create a costume thumbnail for my NFS Rivals YT videos.

There image Is a screen shot from my ps4 from my custom racer career car.



Final image


For this imaged I used the spot heal brush & the healing brush to first get rid of the map, the speedometer, the check list, and the rearview visor.

The nI went over to google and staged a .png of the rivals logo,


Then I Added a Brightness/Contrast effect to the images to sharpen up the darks and lights in the images.


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