DAY: 131; Friday


Today I finished up the My T-Shirt design, but making it less rectangular-ish…

JPG File:

Tokyo in Tulsa 2017.jpg

It didn’t take me that long to fix it too, only a few minutes with the eraser tool.

It did make it have a rather distorted effect at the top that look really cool, and added to the feel of the design.


Wail I was at it I Exported my comic layout page into a .JPG File to see how it looks.

Aura Rune Comic Layout.jpg

I need to get rid of the over hanging lines…I for got about them.

Ok I shortened the lines up. So lets see how it looks…

Aura Rune Comic Layout.jpg

It looks good…But its still missing that 3rd panel, I should probably make that image…

I did start on the picture of Anna’s mother from panel 2.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 10.38.12 AM.png

Im not done with it yes but the design looks different then the one on the left, I will have to fix that next week…


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