DAY: 145; Monday


Today I worked some more on my end of the year video, did export an .MP4 file of the unfinished video, and saved it to my “personal” business drive, so I can properly finish and added needed voice over wail at home or at my studio. I saved it as a MP4 file because I know that I can use that file type with Windows Movie Maker, and I can easily adjust it to work with the other video software I just started using.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.08.24 AM.png

I felt a need to put my Brand out there so along with the NW TECH & Digital Design logos,  I added my Media groups production logo.







I had added some of the photos and screen shots from the Silent Hill cover I did, and I found this photo when I was looking around.

Photo on 10-27-16 at 8.14 AM #2.jpg

Its rather…unsettling is it not. I also noticed that my ethnic eye fold on my right eye backs that eye look smaller then the left eye.



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