DAY: 151; Tuesday


Today I Completed My End of the Year poster and finished the script for the intro for my End of the Video.

The .JPG File:

End of Year Poster Project.jpg



I cleaned some of the blots of paint that each separate character file had with them, most likely these blots of paint were from where I had accidentally painted in the wrong spot out side of the art board and was saved with each seprarate file. Next I want through and revised my scrip, again, I find that when writing scripts I usually revise it about 5-7 times before its “done” then I revise it about 1-2 more times before finally printing it, though that wasn’t the case for this script, maybe Im getting better at writing scripts?

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.31.20 AM.png

I plan to take an example form Colton’s video and have a voice over instead of a plan intro video. I plan to do the filming for my EOTY vid intro, and finish editing the video tomorrow. I also plan to do the VO work or Voice Over work at home with my equipment, so that it when I add the audio it doesn’t cut into the video, and feels more integrated. Ive learned or rather I was forced to learn about audio quality and range of quality for videos so I could keep and build on my current rate of 17 subscribers, recently I’ve used the inline Mic on me headphones, and it sounds more pro then the headset from SONY that I was using prior it my need to switch, and the mic works well so long as I hold it closer to or in front of me so it can pick up me voice.


I had for gotten about this poster I did several months ago:


Its about the character Captain Rune Caster (Rising Hero Arc: RS: the game’s end.) and his brother Grim Lock (Beyond Death arc: The Magica Journal) he is also seen and/or hinted at in The Fallen Scythe Arc: OF DEATH & PRIDE, as one of the reasons why the “Dark Ages War” was started.



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