Aura Rune Comics


Here are either a few different series, or a continuation of one series.

Comic/Manga Name: Anna Black: The Trails of Anna BlackCrest

Author: Aura Rune/C. J. Burton

Series description:

“Before she arrived in the land of the rising sun, young Anna Black was known by a much darker name…The BlackHeart. For her cruelty in battle, to her merciless demeanor, and sharp tongued words, its no wonder she was the chosen heir to the BlackCross throne, but one day all of that changed. Now, striped of her power, she must flee the small country that she once called home, and began her training with the Infamous “Wolf Eyed Hunter” if she ever hopes to have a chance of defeating her strongest foe yet…Her own Sister.”


Page 1 of ? [Unfinished]:

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In More detail: Panels 1. 2, & 4:

Pannel 1

Aura Rune Comics-panel 1.jpg

Anna, inverted, Dreaming of the past.

Pannel 2 [Not Finished]

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Anna Father & Mother/ Photos of them years before her birth.

Pannel 3



Pannel 4

A.R Comic-Panel 4.png

THE END; BAD END. Her happy dream, turns into a Nightmare.