On this page I place all of my Independent Practice sessions, where I practice what I have learned thus far.Almost all “Independent Practices” are from regular everyday posts , but some may be independently done for this page if it dose fully correspond with said post.

Independent Practice #1

Original Image:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.49.17 AM.png

I picked this image of Aoba Suzukaze from the new show NEW GAME! because it was kind of a funny picture that is extreme well drawn, and i wanted to add a little something extra to it.


Work In Progress:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.16.45 AM.png

This screen shot was taken after I converted the Text “NEW GAME!” into a path layer and I was playing around with the colors.


Finalized Image With 3D Text:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.24.11 AM.png

This screen shot was taken after I converted the text path into 3D Text, than colored it Purple-ish/Pink-ish color and light blue.

Independent Practice #2

Origanal Image:


First I selected the color picker tool, next I chose the pink color from one of the more flat masked splatters of blood near the bottom of the screen, in this case the one in the bottom left corner of the image.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.43.28 AM.png

Than I went over to the swatches panel & clicked the New Swatches button from the bottom list of icons.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.45.09 AM.png

Once the new swatch was created I than double clicked on it and changed the name From the Default name from the CMYK values t to the name DanganRonpa (Blood) witch suits the image vary well.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.46.04 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.59.23 AM.png

I  the reasoning I  used this image is 1: Because I’m a fan of both the game & Anime adaption series, & 2. It has a very unique Extremely bright pink used for the porpoise of masking any reference to blood in the Despair filled world that is Danganronpa.

For the next color swatch I chose the I went with the Purple color of the jacket of the Ultimate High School Level Detective KiriGiri, same as last time I fallowed all the same steps but for the name of the color I chose to call it Kirigiri Purple.

KiriGiri (Kyoko Kirigiri)

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.23.14 AM.png

Befor Rename:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.17.27 AM.png

After Rename:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.19.24 AM.png

Independent Practice #3

For this independent Practice I had Originally made a five pointe star with six other stars inside with a color pattern of Black>Red>Black, but It didn’t load vary good do i end up deleting all but he last two outer most stars & starting over with a color pattern of: Black>Red>Black >Pink>Black>Red & then I decided to add a picture of Monokuma from DanganRonpa in there just for the porpoise of this practice.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.04.35 AM.png

Next I added two more stars in to the image.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.05.07 AM.png

Selected those two stars, right clicked, went to arrange.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.05.20 AM.png

Went to Send Backward, and than positioned the .png file of monokuma little father up.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.05.43 AM.png

and here is the Finished Product.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.21.41 AM.png

Independent Prentice #4

For this independent practice I randomly created a bunch of different shapes and the use the black arrow tool & the Width tool than i added some color to some of the paths:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.51.49 AM.png

Independent Practice #5 (From Ch.13 Illustrator One-on-One:Intermediate Corse.)

For this practice I decided to do the Coupon design with the gold weave background, though instead of gold i used a gradient for the first design and red for the next look.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.23.59 AM.png

Heres a version of the design to were the Weave is filled with a Yellow, Orange, Red gradient, witch looks nice, but isn’t what time looking for…

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.53.44 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.21.26 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.24.42 AM.png

I didn’t add anything inside because I wanted to use this design for a project that I have coming up here later on…


For is is I used the skills and techniques that I turned in this lesson and use a screen shot of my current project that i have been working on Thursdays and Fridays…

Origanal image:

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 10.26.09 AM.png

Sketch using Art Line Art sketch tool:

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 10.12.01 AM.png

This image retained the quality of the image but lacked greatly in detail…

Sketched using High Fidelity Photo:

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 10.12.55 AM.png

This image retained the most detail and art quality of all of the practice picture shown though I believe it only did this because of the color keeper in the image…

Sketched by pressing the image trace button:

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 10.13.58 AM.png

This image lacked the most image quality and detail put of the three and looks just terrible compared to the other two…


Independent Practice:

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 10.38.50 AM.png

I tried to do the same thing I did to the rhino, but it didn’t work out the same way…but it dose look pretty neat.



The final image for this chapter was created to practice the skills I learned form Lesson 2of this chapter…

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 9.16.08 AM.png

This is actually the emblem that is dawned by each member of “The Black Shard Order” who are the Vallen Game Masters groups first encounter in the alter-dimensional world that they are flung into… this info is form the 2nd volume of my novel series “Raining Shadow: The Dark Order/The Black Order/White Rains Return or Whites Return.” I really haven’t decided on the name for the volume 2 yet but it is currently being written…



I Redid the eyes of the emoji…(Don’t star into them.)

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.39.33 AM.png


Independent Practice:

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 9.53.30 AM.png

For this I used different colors

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 10.00.49 AM.png

National Park Feel…

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 10.03.09 AM.png

For this practice I even created my own Color Group using the Lab color wheel…

-Bubblegum Lollipop Chainsaw-

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 10.27.23 AM.png

I named it after the 2012,  Extremely Cheesy, cheerleader/Zombi Hinter game LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW…


Its a really difficult game to play…for most people, the controls are overly clunky for a 2012 (7th generation video game) but it somehow fits the overall feel of the game…its not vary bloody for a Hack & Slash zombi game…it plays a very wonderful vibe of whimsical nostalgia, for any PS1/PS2 Hake & Slash loving gamers its a must.